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Mega Tac 30-pack - Svart

Probably the toughest overgrip on the market

The extra-wide and very durable Tourna Mega Tac overgrip with which you will not lose the grip even in cold weather.

The special PU coating with its particularly sticky feel provides for the unique grip. The exclusive overgrip prevents unwanted movements such as turning or gliding, which negatively affect your game. The extra-ion technology makes this wrapping band very durable and provides a wet feeling. The only true Tourna Mega Tac that stays adhesive!

Get the Tourna Mega Tac overgrip now and convince yourself of its durability.

  • probably the overgrip with the best grip on the market
  • A special PU coating provides the unique feeling and reaches into your hand
  • particularly adhesive feel for a unique grip sensation
  • Extra-lon for a wet feeling


  • Grepplindor yta: Fuktig, kletig

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Liknande produkter




Tourna Mega Tac 30-pack

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