The New Wilson Pro Staff V14
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Pro Staff v14 is a radically redesigned icon with the feel and precision that feels even more like home. Because anything is possible when you hit with an icon.
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Wilson Pro Staff fans have been dreaming of this racket for a long time! The new racket succeeds in combining the classic Pro Staff feeling with greater forgiveness. That's why Wilson has equipped the Pro Staff X with a larger sweet spot so that the popular classic is easier to handle and guarantees even more precision.

’The larger head size compared to the legendary Pro Staff 97 means increased playability and more balls landing in the court. The Pro Staff X offers you the perfect symbiosis of easy manoeuvrability, classic feel and improved accuracy.
Elevated pocketing for pinpoint precisionBraid 45 construction in key areas increases dwell time and enhances feel, making accuracy easier from all corners of the court.
Advanced dynamic designCreated to be progressive yet somehow feel like home, the hues of v14 shift form maroon-to-gold, a nod to the franchise's original accents.
Reduced environmental impactThe bumpers, grommets and end-cap are made of bio-based agiplast by Arkema, which is gentler in the earth while maintaining high performance.
Legendary feel made even betterNew Paradigm Bending carbon-fiber construction optimizes the flex between the hoop and the shaft, creating even more feel and precision - the hallmarks of this beloved franchise.
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