Adidas Paris Styles - now at Tennis-Point

Of all the surfaces on which tennis can be played, clay is probably the most physically demanding and technically challenging. And that's exactly where the new adidas collection comes in: Claymouflage! A brilliant play on words with camouflage, - camouflage - that immediately picks up on what the Claymouflage collection stands for: adapt! Merging with one of the most difficult surfaces there can be in tennis, the new collection succeeds in every way.


Specially developed for the demanding clay court, the new Claymouflage collection is designed to give you a clear competitive edge. The collection ensures that you never lose your momentum - whether on the court, raising your voice or standing up for the planet. The colors and textures of the collection are based on the different facets of the clay court, making the collection as distinctive as the clay courts themselves. This allows the athletes to become one with the court in every way.

In addition, adidas also wants to continue to make a lasting difference. The partial use of Parley Ocean Plastics is intended to put an end to plastic waste. This innovation is not the only solution to the problem, but it is one of adidas' efforts to do something about it. Another plus for the new Claymouflage collection.
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Discover the new Clay models

With the matching Clay clay court collection, adidas has developed the best footwear for the clay court. Control, balance and speed are the hallmarks of this shoe collection. As well as the focus on appropriate colors and patterns of the clay court, with which the shoes are the perfect complement to the clothing.